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James asks…

Obsessed with food! Help?

I’m obsessed with food. I’m not extremely over weight but i will honestly admit I’m a little chubby. I’m so ashamed of myself and I hate that. I put food first, I constantly feel like I need it. If i do something right, i reward myself with food, if i’m sad i eat for comfort. I know that i’ve picked this habit up from my family because they are the same way but how do you break almost 20 years of poor eating habits? I’ve lost 50 pounds before and i was finally small but I gained most of it back. How do i get out of this mind set that i constantly NEED food and how do I get my family to support my choice to be a healthier person? If I could just lost 40lbs I would be extremely healthy and in great shape, I just need to learn how to live a healthier life style. Please give me any advice you have.
Thanks everyone for all the tips. I do my best to try all of them! Again, thanks so much.

Joy answers:

It sounds like you are substituting food for love. Not a good idea. Well for one thing you are not alone. Have you tried over eaters anonymous or some other self help group. Learning that others share your problem might help. Eat more fruits and vegtables. Tell your family you want to change your eating habits and ask them to be supportive. You might be surprised. They might even join you. You need to do this for YOU….not for them…If they try to sabotage your program do not let them. There are lots of nutrition aids you can take to build lean body mass. I get mine from Your body needs certain minerals to function at its peak.

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