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Sandra asks…

I use to be anorexic, now I’m looking for healthy diet tips.?

A while ago I started forcing myself to eat to try and cure my anorexia, it was hard and to a few months to do. As I kept throwing up everytime i tried to eat. Got there in the end and now im happy to say i no longer have anorexia but of course I still have my self-esteem issues. I started to have the “i want children at some point, I want to live a long healthy life, I want to make more friends, climb mountains…” thoughts.
Anyway, After i started eating again, I found ive put on probaly 4 times as much weight as i lost through the disease. I want to look healthy and loose weight again. But i want to do it the HEALTHY way. I heard about eating 6 smaller meals and things like this. But never fully understood it. I excercise anyway. But i would like to know what excercises are the best and help loose weight fast. I know it wil take some time and thats fine as long as i dont do any damage to my body. What food should i remove from my diet? does coffee affect it? Tips and facts plz.

Joy answers:

I found this simple tip from Oprah to be quite helpful: “If the food is white, do not eat it”….this includes sugar, bread, potatoes and rice. Cut these out and you will lose weight! Also, plenty of fruits and vegetables and less meat. Congratulations on healing your eating disorder, I know it isn’t an easy thing to do! Good luck to you!

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