Unhealthy Habits

I spotted an interesting list on Yahoo today… ten unhealthy habits that women succumb to. Pop over to the source article for more details, but here’s the list. After which…. I will confess to how many I am guilty of! But only if you will too.

It’s said that if you change (or repeat) an action every day for 30 days, then it will become a habit. This can be true of good, or bad, habits – and if you replace a bad habit with a good habit, then the good should replace the bad.

Unhealthy habits

  1. Wearing heels higher than about 1.5inches
  2. Carrying a heavy handbag
  3. Sleeping in makeup
  4. Matching men drink for drink
  5. Wearing the wrong bra size
  6. Worrying and harboring regrets
  7. Obsessing over appearance
  8. Emotional eating
  9. Not getting enough sleep
  10. Putting themselves last

Ouch! I am guilty of six of these on a fairly regular basis, not getting enough sleep being my most regular bad habit. (She writes, at 02:15am.)

So – I confessed. Now come on, ladies, and tell me how many of these unhealthy habits you need to break, and share any tips for breaking them – or add other bad habits I missed.

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