Meal Ideas – Desserts

Continuing my series on healthy meal ideas, here are some ideas for desserts. They may not be very new, but “back to basics” is a good idea!

Healthy Desserts

Healthy Desserts

* Gourmet “chocolate mousse” – you’ll find this as a comment by Rafael, in response to Katie’s breakfast smoothie recipe on the linked website

* Fruit salad, an old classic, but don’t forget how enjoyable it can be

* Fruit smoothie – blend 135g frozen fruit with 12ml plain yoghurt

* Baked apple with yogurt

* Piece of fresh fruit

By the way – remember that “Stressed” spelled backwards is “Desserts”. Don’t fall into the stress-trap of comfort eating! More ideas welcome – please add a comment with your favorite healthy dessert idea!

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  1. Great site. This has really helped me today, particularly the post – Meal Ideas – Desserts | Healthy Eating For Healthy Living Tips. I needed help and information about gourmet desserts and I found it here on Sunday. Many thanks, Jane

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